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Top Real Estate Developer Companies in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is a developing country. At present Bangladesh is one of the fast-developing countries. Bangladesh has a very attractive real estate market for investors. As the real estate market has improved, now foreign real estate companies are entering the Bangladesh market. So, the number of real estate companies is increasing day by day. There are many real estate companies in Bangladesh. These companies play a big role in the real estate market.

Assure Group

Assure Group is one of the top real estate companies. It has been on a journey since 2006 to improve the living standards of the city dwellers. Works with both residential and commercial property. Very quickly gained recognition as a reliable company. In addition to real estate, they are now well-known as interior designers.

Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara is a group of companies. Named Bashundhara, they started their journey as a real estate company. They have been working in real estate since 1986. Has achieved success in the real estate market in a short time. Tried to find out what customers need and tried to reach them. They have many mega projects in different parts of the country. Bashundhara Shopping Mall is one of its most well-known low entertainment centers. One of its successes. Bashundhara is a well-known organization in Bangladesh. They have achieved a lot in all sectors.

Navana Real Estate

Navana Real Estate Ltd is a group of companies. Concerns of one sister of the NREL Navana Group. Its chairman Mr. Shafiul Islam established it in 1997. NREL has proven to be one of the proudest concerns of the Navana Group. They have offices in both Dhaka and Chittagong. Has worked on a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Navana has worked on many projects. Most of the projects are high and medium-sized apartments and office buildings. Housing Township projects have been completed.


Building Technology & Ideas ltd

Building Technology and Ideas Limited (BTI) has offices in Chittagong and Comilla. But they are a Dhaka-based real estate development company. They have been working in the real estate industry since 1984. Founder of BTI Rehab Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh Rehab. They are the first members of BTI Rehab Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh. It has earned the trust of the customers by ensuring quality apartments in Dhaka, Comilla, and Chittagong.

Amin Mohammad Group

Amin Mohammad Group is one of the top real estate companies in Bangladesh. Mohammad Amin founded this company. Its activities started in 1993. So far, they have completed many projects. Green Model Town and Amin Mohammad City are their projects. They have offices in Chittagong and Sylhet but their head office is in Dhaka. Many have their development projects in megacities.


Concord Real Estate

Concord Real Estate has a special place among the largest real estate companies in Bangladesh. It is one of the oldest companies. They have been working successfully in this industry for the last 4 decades and have completed many projects. They have made a name for themselves in the construction of most of the amusement parks, Fantasy Kingdom, Lake Fairs. He has also worked in residential and commercial buildings. The airport and bridge construction infrastructure has also worked on the last project.

Rangs Property

Rangs Property is one of the best and reputed real estate companies. They have been working in this industry for over two decades. They started their organization in 1997. It is a subsidiary of Rangs Group iary It is known for its high-end luxury apartments and commercial space. All their projects are Dhaka based and Dhaka is their head office.


Anwar Landmark

Anwar Landmark is a real estate services company. They are relable to customers for providing customer-based services. Has been able to gain the trust of customers for providing good service. They are members of Rehab and listed in RAJUK. They have successfully completed many projects. They are still working on many projects.

With the quality of work and good service to the customers, they have gained a reputation as a very good quality organization.


Santa Holdings Limited

Santa Holdings Limited is one of the leading real estate companies in Bangladesh. They started their journey in 1986 as a garment company. Gradually they expanded their business to many more industries, including real estate. Khandaker Monir Uddin is the chairman of this organization. He is one of the most successful businessmen. So, far their staff has been 200+. They have many success stories. They are still working on many projects. They have achieved much more because of the good quality of work.


Sheltech is one of the oldest real estate companies in Bangladesh. Their journey started in 1986. So, far they have 3,000 employees. They have worked on most of the apartment building projects. They have successfully completed the work of 200 projects. They have earned a reputation for providing good quality services to their customers.


Nakshi Home

Nakshi Home is one of the most popular real estate companies in Bangladesh. They have worked successfully in both residential and commercial buildings. Works both inside and outside Dhaka. They have their head office in Dhaka. Outside Dhaka, Tangail and Cox's Bazar operate mainly. They work in high and medium-sized buildings. They have made a name for themselves by creating advanced designs. They have completed 5 projects so far. We Will work on more projects in the near future. They are doing their job very successfully.


East-West Property Development Ltd (EWPD)

East-West Property Development Ltd (EWPDL) is a real estate company owned by Bashundhara Group. One of their successful records is the development of residential projects. Bashundhara is much more famous in Baridhara Diplomatic Region area. Besides, other projects are Savar Housing, River View etc. Their organization was established in 1983 in Dhaka city for the needs of the people. Gained the confidence of millions of people in real estate companies for good quality work.

Bay Development Ltd (BDL)

Bay Development Ltd (BDL) has been working as a real estate company in Bangladesh for more than two decades. They have made a name for themselves by working in small, high-rise apartments. So far, it has completed 20 residential and 6 commercial sites. Some of their famous projects are Bay's Nilufar, Bay's Arum, Bay's Edge, Bay's Amarantha, Bay's Westlake, Bay's Azure and so on. Working with the trust and confidence of the customer.

In Bangladesh, there are more real estate developer companies. Here more other names of the company on our list.

  • Resource Real Estate Ltd.

  • Eastfield Holdings Ltd.

  • MH Properties Ltd.

  • Probashi Palli Group

  • Genetic Limited

  • Reflection Holdings Ltd

  • Finlay Properties Limited

  • Nasim Real Estate Ltd

  • Pacific Real State

  • Building For Future Ltd

  • Globe Construction Ltd.

  • Sky Touch Apartments Ltd

  • Hashem Real Estate Ltd.

  • Hassan and Associates Limited



The real estate marketplace is now very popular in Bangladesh. Many good real estate companies are working with ideals and dedication. Foreign real estate companies are now coming to do business in Bangladesh. The real estate marketplace is now advancing with the touch of modern technology.