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Land Law in Bangladesh – You need to know Rules & Regulations.


Bangladesh Land Types

From the outset how about we sum up the principle types of land properties or title to lands in Bangladesh. Understand that the kinds of land characterized beneath may exist together so that there are a few layers of residency according to one bundle of land. For instance, an individual who has custom-based law freehold may go into a 3-year rent with an occupant, who may thusly rent a space to a sub-inhabitant.

1)  General Law Rent-Free

Selective land proprietorship for an uncertain timeframe. No private individual has the privilege to claim in excess of 20 sections of land of rural land under Bangladeshi law. It is evaluated that 69% of ranch land proprietorship in Bangladesh is as of now Common Law Freehold (as studied in 2005).

2)  Stable Lease/ Khas Lease

The option to utilize an administration land plot for a term of 99-years to no detriment differing from one to three sections of land. The Ministry of Lands awards landless people (for example people without freehold of customary law) rights to utilize khas. Regularly this kind of residency is known as a' fixed rent.

3)  Leasehold

The option to utilize land or lodging claimed by another, likewise alluded to as a cash rent, for a fixed period in return for installment of lease. It is essential to sign leases of over one year. There is no compelling reason to give one year or less rents recorded as a hard copy.

4)  Sharecropping Agreement

Every investor and landowner gets 33% of the yield, and the staying third is designated based on their promise to edit costs. Tenant farmer agreements must be inheritance for in any event five years.

5)  Customary Ownership

Official government bodies and typical foundations share purview over property law in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. By and by, standard law is applied by and by and organizations of government only from time to time meddle.

6)  Collaborative Ownership

Agreeable possession is a townhouse like responsibility for condo. The buyer holds stock offers in the structure organization and a lease or move of the loft being sold by the vender's agreement in an aggregate proprietorship.

7)  Fixed Renting

Where an individual possesses private convenience as a worker of an administration office or private association, or as a rural land worker.

8)  Unceremonious Ownership

There are numerous types of informal residency, which means residency that doesn't meet the necessities for enrollment. It incorporates the accompanying subtleties.

  • Leasing without a registered lease

An individual who has a verbal consent to involve land or lodging for a lease installment of over one year or from year to year.

  • Unregistered land ownership

An individual possesses land under conditions however the land isn't appropriately enrolled. For instance, the land move was not enlisted to the current proprietor, or the current proprietor claims some portion of a partitioned square and the development was not enrolled.


In creating nations, for example, in Bangladesh, land keeps on comprising the secret weapon of vocation, security, and status. In this manner, Land stays significant in an assortment of routes in the financial and public activity of Bangladesh. To comprehend the issues emerging from the land rights circumstance in Bangladesh, it is important to comprehend the grounds why land assumes a critical job in the inquiries of advancement and human rights in Bangladesh.